lunes, 26 de enero de 2009

The Traveling Year!!! 2009

So this is how im gonna start my new year, working, working working working and then working a lil more and then just more and more.. trying to save money.. well not trying actually saving money!! doing this because this is the traveling year! I dont know how but it is! I already made my first well actually second trip this year 2009! The 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th of jan i was in LA! ! ! L.A I LOVE YOU! and this past weekend i went to Mx City!! i love it too, not as much as i love L.A but is somehow kinda alike or something i just feel really inspired by everything every time im there!! i had so much fun in mx tho.. we went to NYLON mag party and I dance my ass of like a willa histerica YES!! I have blisters on my feet... but I always carry band aids aaaalways!!. So is monday and ive got to get ready for work!! im so damn tired i woke up at 4am today. !

Here are sum pics of the view of my cousin place!! its amazing!!  and her lovely lovely cat, well she actually have 2 but there is only one in this pic..  ohh and also the pics of my way back ... it was 6 am I saw the sunrise throughout my window!! yes i got the window seat hee heee... it looks like im in outer space or something.. 


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